WC Day 5 Recipe: Belgium

*Note: Each day of the group stage of the World Cup 2018 I will be making a meal from one of the countries playing that day.  Day 5 saw Belgium show its talent in the second half against Panama.  England needed two Harry Kane goals to get by Tunisia.


Moules-frites with Artichoke Mayonnaise

Mussels and Fries is the national dish of Belgium.  The mussels can be made in a varitey of styles.  Traditionally, they are made with white wine, shallots, parsley, and butter known as Moules marinière.  I prefer using a tomato based sauce.


Olive Oil



White Wine

Canned Roma Tomatoes

Mussels (cleaned and tested if they are alive)


First step in the process of making mussels is to clean them and check to see if they are alive or dead.  I have written about cooking Mussels before, click here for details on this process.  Heat olive oil in a pan and add garlic and shallots, cook for 1-2 minutes.  Add white wine (1/2 cup) and let reduce by half.  Add canned (or fresh) roma tomatoes.  As they break down use wooden spoon to smash apart.  Add mussels to the pan and cover until they shells open up.  Add fresh parsley.  Serve with crusty bread.

Fries with Artichoke Mayonnaise

2-3 Artichokes




Garlic Powder

Onion Powder


So we start with peeling and preparing the artichoke.  For a detailed explanation on this click here. Then boil the artichoke for 10-15 minutes until knife tender.  Chop put into small pieces.  In a large bowl add 1-2 cups of mayo and the other ingredients.  Place in the refrigerator until needed to serve.

The fries we cheated and did on a pan in the oven.  I do have a deep fryer but its a mess for clean up and I didn’t feel like it.  They were great anyway with the mayo!  Served the meal with classic Belgium beer, Delirium Tremens.



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