Simple Salmon

Ingredients: Old Bay, Salmon, Lemon, Fire (not pictured)


1. Season Salmon with desired amount of Old Bay





2. Season Salmon with desired amount of Lemon Zest





3. Start your fire
– This is on my Big Green Egg (look for future posts on how I like to start my egg) but could also be done over many other fires and grills




4. Put them over your white ambers
– There should be no flames hitting the fish.
– Grill over the fire 6-8 minutes




5. Look for the sides of the Salmon to begin to develop white bubbles (this is just protein (albumin) that seeps out of the fish.




6. Using a good spatula separate the flesh of the fish from the outer skin which should now be crispy and easy to do by going underneath the fillet





7. Squeeze half to one whole lemon over the salmon fillets
– Grill 4-6 minutes





8. Grill marks and salmon should look like this:





9.  Serve Immediately
– Pictured here with roasted golden and white beats underneath and grilled asparagus on top

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